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The Monstrosity
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"I laughed, I cried... Shit! It's even funnier than My book!" -- God    

"Well, it's not quite THAT funny." --
Mother Teresa

"I do not recommend the haggis."
-- the Dalai  Lama

The Scottish Buddhist Cookbook is an exercise in manic depression, crockpot recipes, divorce, a stuffed Jesus doll, over-drinking, and a small amount of Scottish Buddhist propaganda.

The Scottish Buddhist Cookbook is most appreciated by men who have lived unnecessarily complicated lives, and want nothing more than to find a bit of humor and good eats in this pathetically doomed existence.    

The Scottish Buddhist Cookbook website, however, has only one story and a couple of recipes. So if you want to know how to make a lasagna in a slow cooker or how not to crash a debate about 'intelligent design', you'll just have to cough up $12.99

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